24th March 2018 Petroleum Price & Rate in Pakistan. The costs fluctuate because it’s revised monthly. Individuals always wanted to learn about the recent rates. Shop around and receive the finest and most affordable price that you may find. The reduce gasoline prices are only temporary and will definitely rise after the elections. Lots of people get really upset while the quantity of gasoline rises. These rates are almost twenty percent lower than the rates at the conclusion of 2015.

You might want to begin a business or to simply do the job extremely hard grafting to reach your dreams. The more cash you make for your company, the more cash you will make. Among the most lucrative businesses on the planet is buying and selling of crude oil on a major scale.

Latest Petroleum Price & Rate in Pakistan

ProductRetail Price
HOBC     Rs. 72.68 /Ltr
Petrol  Rs. 72.8 /Ltr
High-Speed Diesel    Rs. 81.4 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel  Rs. 44 /Ltr
Kerosene OilRs. 44 /Ltr

Get the Scoop on Petroleum Prices in Pakistan Before You’re Too Late

Some companies provide you with a complete tank at the beginning and charge you in case that you bring it back less than complete. The organization has a significant number of small, market models. Tons of multinational organizations are found in the city, and in addition, it has an enormous network of public transportation facilities. It is the best-selling provider of the world.The company is based in Karachi. It will need to check all your driving licenses. Other businesses do not care. The large national companies usually give the great company, but their rates are sometimes not the very best.

Previously Changes in Petroleum Price & Rate in Pakistan

DateHOBCPremiumHS DieselLS DieselKerosene
Jun 01, 2017Rs.72.68/LtrRs.72.8/LtrRs.81.4/LtrRs.44/LtrRs.44/Ltr
Apr 03, 2017Rs.72.68/LtrRs.74/LtrRs.84/LtrRs.44/LtrRs.44/Ltr
Mar 01, 2017Rs.72.68/LtrRs.73/LtrRs.83/LtrRs.44/LtrRs.44/Ltr
Feb 01, 2017Rs.72.68/LtrRs.70.29/LtrRs.79.48/LtrRs.43.35/LtrRs.43.25/Ltr
Jan 16, 2017Rs.72.68/LtrRs.68.04/LtrRs.77.22/LtrRs.43.35/LtrRs.43.25/Ltr
Jan 02, 2017Rs.72.68/LtrRs.66.27/LtrRs.75.22/LtrRs.43.35/LtrRs.43.25/Ltr
Dec 01, 2016Rs.72.68/LtrRs.66.27/LtrRs.75.22/LtrRs.43.35/LtrRs.43.25/Ltr
Nov 01, 2016Rs.72.68/LtrRs.64.27/LtrRs.72.52/LtrRs.43.35/LtrRs.43.25/Ltr
Oct 01, 2016Rs.72.68/LtrRs.64.27/LtrRs.72.52/LtrRs.43.35/LtrRs.43.25/Ltr
Sep 01, 2016Rs.72.68/LtrRs.64.27/LtrRs.72.52/LtrRs.43.35/LtrRs.43.25/Ltr


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