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  • 45rwer

    Pakistan Day celebrations, Parade in Islamabad

    Pakistan day has been celebrated today with Zeal Zest. Pakistani patriots are full of energy. To tell the world we are not weak, the whole nation celebrated 77th Pakistan Day. This occasion is celebrated to make country more stronger by whipping out the terrorism out of The country, to achieve goals for better future of […]

  • adavfcg563

    Hadika kiani’s New upcoming Album

    Hadika kiani is about to release her new album titled as ‘WAJD’ Volume 1. The compilation of the album is still being mastered, mixed , produced and recorded by music producer and hadika’s  brother Irfan kiani and collaborator. More about, WAJD – volume 1 willl include 8 tracks, which will be recorded as in ure […]

  • 76r326d4

    Who will be the Winner of Panama Case?

    We have been hearing about the Panama Case for a long period since it has become the eye catching and trending news for now a days on social Media and on TV channels. It is Question about who will be the winner of this case and whose career in Politics will stay and whose will […]

  • fb

    Facebook bans in Pakistan for not Blocking Insolent Pages

    Facebook have been very famous for its successful system. Facebook have also the largest traffic being a social media. many people have started jobs on Facebook. it has become so famous that now a days from young children old people use Facebook. But now a days there are seen some pages that spread violence against […]

  • untitled-1

    Humaima Malik Looking Attractive in Latest New Photoshoot

    Humaima Malik just shocked the fans.She looks very attractive. She has been doing great movies, After his super hit performance in Bol she became very famous with a huge number of fan following. New she had new photo shoot just check out with new style attracting look.   In case you’ve missed this photo shoot, […]

  • nokia33102017

    Nokia 3310 is back with its 7 new features. must read

    The new model of Nokia 3310 (2017) is now available in the markets, as it was kept as a secret, but finally its new model was revealed at MCW in Barcelona and met with huge appreciation. It maintains the shape and size of the old version, with a long lasting bettry and large colour display. […]

  • brilliant-performance-by-ali-abbas-makes-titli-a-must-watch

    Ali Abbas Best Performance.

    Six scenes down, Titli this week saw a bend in the story line which will make watching it all the more fascinating as Naila (Hania Aamir) gets got by Ahmed (Ali Abbas) for going behind his back with another man! This one is going to be crazy! Loving the on screen chemistry with the very […]

  • life-we-need-to-talk-about-female-genital-mutilation-in-pakistan-the-taboo-that-nobody-discusses

    Let’s Talk About Women Right’s.

    Albeit implicit of, and in many social orders considered to not be genuine, female genital mutilation is a work on being completed for quite a long time is still especially alive. As a child, particularly a young lady, you are instructed to carry on. You are instructed to dress a specific way and sit a […]

  • this-pakistani-drama-dares-to-discuss-cousin-marriages-and-the-use-of-black-magic-within-families

    Let’s Discuss About Black Magic Within Paki Families

    In the course of the most recent couple of years, Pakistan’s dramatization industry has grabbed on societal issues and has begun exhibiting these inconveniences in the most genuine way. Diverse taboos are being displayed through various dramatizations, where if not everybody, at any rate a portion of the watchers can identify with. One such show […]

  • a-tumultuous-emotional-ride-is-coming-our-way-with-zindaan

    New Emotional Play Coming Soon.Must Watch!

    The primary look of Zindaan is here and from the looks of it we’re sure around a certain something, Zindaan would have a considerable measure to offer! A solid storyline, a promising cast and some genuine emotional minutes for us to remain snared on to. The mystery demonstrates the principle idea of the serial; an […]