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    Boxer Amir Khan Told Why He Cut of ties From his Own Family

    We all know very much about how Amir Khan lost his match from Saul ‘Canezo’ alvarez, Canezo beat him down ruthlessly that we can not forget those moments. But despite of all his fame and achievements it is shocking to think about Amir having issues in his own family. His uncle Taz and his father […]

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    Punjab Police new Uniform, A Change in Punjab Police

    Due to the Dull colour of new Punjab Police Uniform the dress has not been approved to be permanent.This uniform has been distributed to the forces now a days but its pattern is quite different. The new coloured olive green is a trending news for police men and it has been under conversation that this […]

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    Momina Mustehsan Stunning Look in Saira Shakira’s Crimson Collection 2017

    The Crimson Luxury Lawn seems to be ready by Saira Shakira. Every brand is coming with new designs an ideas. The collection by Saira Shakira adds more to attraction and its remarkable designing. Momina tried some out fits in which she is looking very attractive and Saira’s collection was again oneof the her best designs. […]

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    Hania Amir’s Cute Dancing Video Leaked

    Hania Amir is wel known for her acting in ‘Janaan’. She is a very cute actress of Pakistan. She has won the hearts and bacame famous at a very young age. the point is to be noted that she is so related to the youth. I can say that she is so cute that she […]

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    Famous Pakistani Twin Sister’s Bridal Photoshoot

    We are very familiar with the two twin sisters of Pakistan Showbiz and drama community, Yes exactly i’m talking about the beautiful and cute Aiman and Minal. They both posed for a bridal photo shoot that got our attention. The both girls  are now a days on screen every time, and they both have become […]

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    11 Interesting things Fans Want to Know about Zainab Abbas

    Since In the PSL, one of the most beautiful and attractive Zainab Abbas is seen through out the series and many had a crush on her. She is much interested in cricket. She has a huge fan following after PSL just ended. Her fans wants to know about her, so we have some Interesting news […]

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    Hania Amir in New Photoshoot For Firdouz Collection 2017

    Spring is well known for dressing and fashion. Hania Amir the rising star has been chosen to represent new Firdouz lawn’s 2017 collection. Her fresh energetic vibe around her is making ‘janaan’ actress a perfect selection for this endorsement. She wears beautiful collection of Firdouz, looking awesome, she is seen in pestal hues and breezy […]

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    Wife Harassing Husband for a Long Time but No One Believed Him

    (It is for men to be very careful when choosing a life Partner : A True Story) One of my friends was to a girl and he fall in love with her, This was never seen as smoking, taking drugs or even engaged in Haram activities. He is doctor, the girl told him about her early […]

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    Fahad Mustafa and Faisal Qureshi looks twins in a Photo

      Sometimes it is very awful to see anyone wearing the exact outfits on any occasion when we are dressed well. Sometimes it gives us goosebumps and awful feeling while its also very surprising. If someone is very famous and and found matched with any  other celebrity then that feeling really matters and that is […]

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    Pakistani Highest paid Celebrities people don’t know

    Pakistani actors have been very famous in all over the world and for their efforts and time in Pakistan film industry . Now a days actors and actresses are famous hence they earn a large amount of money due to their efforts. celebrities like shaan and faisal qureshi charge so much for a single episodes […]