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    iPhone 8 Leaks have been revealed

    one of the best company iPhone is about to launch its new iPhone 8. Ming-Chi kuo, is known for his predictions about iPhone. Now the latest news is that there are few radical changes to the iPhone 8. The upcoming iPhone will be very launched with new features. According to kuo’s predictions about the iPhone […]

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    Veena Malik and Asad khattak released son on 23 March

    Veena Malik and her husband have been in clashes between them for some reasons.Everyone thought that their marriage may came to an end. But on 23rd march they released a song which gives a glimpse to the people that the disputes came to an end. They released a song which shows that the disputes are […]

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    Now people can also track you Instead of Google

    The users of google maps can broadcast their movements anywhere with their family members and friends all over the world. It is considered the test that how much trust people can build and how much privacy can be sacrificed by the people. This feature can be used in computers and even they are updated in […]

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    7 Things to Keep away from microwave

    Microwaves are the important part of modern kitchen now a days. If we want to cooking purposes. Brownies, Cakes and many more foods have been cooked using oven. But some people use microwave carelessly. if you are one of them who use microwaves then there are seven things you should never put in microwave oven. […]

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    Inzamam Ul Haq Signs Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif

    Pakistani Former Caption and Batsman Inzamam Ul Haq has signed Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif just like Mohammad Amir has been Selected again back in Cricket. Inzamam Urget to treat every Spot-fixer under prescribed laws, becasue they have served their their Punishment and now they are free to Play Cricket again. Inzamam ul haq was¬†talking […]

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    Salman Butt Wishes to Achieve something great

    Salman Butt said that he is wants to achieve something that he deserves. He wants to achieve something great. After a long time of being away from cricket he waited for a long time and now he is back so now he wants to tell the world that he deserves better. He said that wearing […]

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    Boxer Amir Khan Told Why He Cut of ties From his Own Family

    We all know very much about how Amir Khan lost his match from Saul ‘Canezo’ alvarez, Canezo beat him down ruthlessly that we can not forget those moments. But despite of all his fame and achievements it is shocking to think about Amir having issues in his own family. His uncle Taz and his father […]

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    ‘Go Nawaz Go’ Sign popped Up in WWE Raw

    Pakistanis protest against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has became so trending that it seems like Pakistanis do not let him go. After Imran Khan’s protest against Nawaz Sharif government the slogan ‘Go Nawaz Go’ became famous everywhere. these lines are so common in Pakistan now a days, that it almost pops up everywhere. We almost […]

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    Pakistani Hockey Team Victory In Series against New Zealand

    Pakistan Hockey team lost its first match against New Zealand, but the second match was ended in a draw, after the second match Pakistani team got energy and succeeded in wining. The final match between Pakistan and new Zealand also ended in a draw scoring 1-1 each in the 5th match. In the third quarter […]

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    Punjab Police new Uniform, A Change in Punjab Police

    Due to the Dull colour of new Punjab Police Uniform the dress has not been approved to be permanent.This uniform has been distributed to the forces now a days but its pattern is quite different. The new coloured olive green is a trending news for police men and it has been under conversation that this […]

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    Denmark banned Visa for Relatives of Pakistani Residents

    Trump banned from taking electronic devices to US. The ban was only for Muslim countries, some of the countries can be banned still. Just after trump hold the authority of President of United States he started to impose bans on many issues. It feels to be living in the year of bans. It may be […]