Step by Step Online HEC degree attestation Guide.

HEC degree attestation

HEC starts online degree attestation system

  • The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has established an internet degree attestation system by which applicants may use to have their levels exemplified.
  • A press release said that the HEC has made a new portal that applicants may use for online registration and also to make an account.
  • The system was designed to ease degree holders with a hassle free mechanism, which means they’ll no longer need to queue person to have their own records exemplified.
  • A user may make an application for attestation by completing an internet application form and uploading scanned files. Once submitted, the program will be scrutinized on the internet by the HEC.
  • The applicant should bring original documents along with a copy to get attested degrees in a brief moment. If the candidate sends somebody else to the scheduled trip, that individual should take an authority letter from the applicant.
  • There’s also an option to get degrees attested employing a courier service, where the applicant is going to need to pick the choice for attestation via courier and submit records and a commission together with the courier firm whose details are supplied on the portal site.
  • There’s also a two step confirmation procedure for Ph.D. applicants. The consumer will then include a PCD serial number and complete the information verification form. The HEC will confirm the record for following attestation.
  • Visits could be rescheduled in the event the candidate fails to look at the time and the machine also allows for software to be monitored online.
  • If a level programme isn’t recorded in the PQR, a program won’t be in a position to move with attestation.
  • In this event, the applicant can get in touch with the focal person in the appropriate university and ask the entrance of this program to the PQR. A listing of focal persons is on the attestation portal site.
  • Though most universities are finishing admissions to the PQR proactively, universities using a diminished response are being counseled to entrance their degree programs into the PQR after you possibly can streamline attestation and other associated processes.


Procedure for HEC online degree attestation

HEC has Established a Totally secure and robust online degree attestation system, which requires an applicant to use from their houses. The applicant will be required to apply through web link Form and uploading scanned files. The application will initially inspect online at HEC head Office/regional centers as per the choice of the applicant. The applicant will then get an email/SMS to Schedule his visit accordingly. However, for a better understanding of the new system, following is a Step-by-step procedure for applying for the level attestation through HEC new online degree attestation system:

Step-1: Creation of Secure Online Account (SMS & Email based Authentication):

A:  Registration at E-portal

  • Open Internet Explorer (v 9.0 or above), Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • From the URL area, input following URL:
  • System will request user to log in or register into the machine.
  • On registering logging to the machine, consumer will be redirected to Higher Education Commission Welcome page.

B: Create an Account

  • Select Your Nationality
  •  If you’re a non-Pakistani national, pick your state of nationality and supply your CNIC number along with your Area.
  • Provide Your Main Cell/Mobile Number and media button SEND CODE and Supply the code That you have gotten through TEXT/SMS and press on button VERIFY NUMBER.
  • Please read the directions placed alongside areas carefully. For Those Who Have problems getting SMS Or Email Verification Code, please phone at HEC telephone centre on amounts readily available on the site

Step by Step Online HEC degree attestation Guide.

Step-2: Filling in the profile & Uploading of Educational Documents:

A: Accessing & filling the Profile:

After logging in, the user will land on “Dashboard”.

My Application: This segment reveals the high-level status of the program (stored, Submitted, In procedure, Attested, Rejected)

My Tasks: In this segment, tasks will seem which are pending on applicants e.g. Revise Application form or Application Scheduling.

From Dashboard, with the left navigation panel of solutions user will route to “My Profile”. User is Expected to fulfill Personal, Contact and Education details. In private details, the applicant has to upload the backup of CNIC (or Passport if foreign National). In Education tab, the application is expected to upload all the scanned copies of ORIGINAL educational documents.

B: For Ph.D. Applicants: The PCD confirmation procedure is a two step process which helps to ensure that their most relevant and up to date information can be found in the computer system.

  • From Dashboard, Navigate to “Ph.D. Country Directory”
  • The system will hunt you into our PCD database to the foundations of your CNIC or Mail.
  • If your document Isn’t found, You’ll Be asked to include PCD Serial Number That’s available on HEC site PCD page.
  • Fill in the data confirmation form, where your information will be pre-populated according to your CNIC,
  • HEC will confirm your record and following that will allow you through for the following attestation.

C: Uploading of Educational Documents:

  • Upload the VISIBLE scanned copies of all educational documents, CNIC (Front & Back Side) and profile photo (Passport Size Photograph of you is required), the scanned documents size must not exceed 500kb.
  • Click on “Save and Close” after uploading documents.

Step-3: Accessing & filling the online application form:

  • User May Get Program Form by clicking ‘Accreditation and Attestation’ menu item and Additional clicking Program Form under Degree Attestation System
  • Fill out the online application form by completing the different tabs given in the application form


The Brand New online degree attestation/verification Process is linked with Pakistan Qualification If the information about the degree program/title That the applicants holds Isn’t populated in the provided fields, immediately get into the focal man of your college for Entering the exact same from the PQR (List of University focal man). Until and unless your level Program/title info are populated at the provided fields, you won’t have the ability to proceed further For attestation of your files. PQR information is also available on HEC site for your reference.

Step by Step Online HEC degree attestation Guide.

A: Select type of document to be attested:

Attest new degree: 

Please select this option if You Would like to get a Level Illustrated which has not been attested before. Earlier, but not your degree. You’ll Be given an option to choose degree(s) from your profile
Which have not been attested before.
You may also pick this if you had your levels verified in the older system. As the older system
Was not integrated with PQR, the information must be verified to the applicant to proceed This is one step process in which you select the level and then after scrutiny it’s

Duplicate Attestation: 

If you have lost your Previously attested File, please select this option if you want to Get duplicate of your level attested. You Have to bring POLICE FIR and NEWSPAPER advertisement (finish Newspaper is mandatory).

Supplementary Attestation:

Please Choose this option If You Would like to get copies into your degree attested e.g. degree photocopy, transcripts etc.. You must have an attested degree to avail this alternative. You will Be given an option to select degree(s) in your profile which have been attested before.

Update an Attested Degree:

Please Choose this option if your Level Has Been attested before However, for some reason, has been updated. You will be given an option to choose degree(s) from your profile that have been attested before.

B: Select Documents to be attested: (Original & photocopies)

  • Enter “Number of pages Such as original Records” Or “Amount of Pages of Photocopy
  • Records” to get at least one file type.
  • Number will be calculated on the basis of this no of pages and quantity per webpage.
  •  Grand Total will be displayed at the bottom of their grid.

C: Selection of Head office/Regional Center from where you want to attest your documents

  • Please select the desired HEC center i.e. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar in the drop down list where you would like to acquire Attestation service. Please be careful once you selects the desired HEC centre, it won’t be changed.
  • Select checkbox against the undertaking text

Step-4: Submission of online application:

  • After successful completion of profile and application Together with uploading of Files, submit the online application by clicking on the button “Publish”
  • You will Be Given a pop up message on your screen that your application has successfully Submitted for initial evaluation at HEC with an application ID.

Step-5: Initial online Scrutiny of application at HEC:

A: Successful Scrutiny:

After submission of online application by the applicant, the documents are Scrutinized by the HEC officials and if discovered finish according to this attestation SOP’s, the Program is approved in the system.

B: Revise Application Form:

According to scrutiny, the applicant may be asked to revise the Application form by uploading some other files etc.. This will be intimated to applicant through SMS and through Email. Applicant may see the Endeavor In “My Task” section from the Dashboard after they log in the Applicants will have to eliminate the deficiencies mentioned in the “Comment” section of their task.

Step-6: Scheduling of Date & Time for Attestation:

I. After successful scrutiny, the applicant will receive a message & email for scheduling his visit according to his convenience and as per availability of time slot in the following ways:

A: Through Self submission/authorize individual: In this instance the applicant will schedule his trip for attestation of his records or through authorized person and will bring all of his original documents along with a copy of exactly the same, Bank challan form along with a print out of the application form for same-day attestation at the chosen office.

B:  Application Re-Scheduling: Following first scheduling, if an applicant Can’t find time to visit HEC Workplaces for attestation, the offender can reschedule his trip.

II. Attestation through Courier

After Successful Examination, a Email & Message will be received by the applicant to submit his/her And Gerry’s FedEx from throughout the globe). After getting the message & Mail from HEC, the Applicant will hand over all original files, copies of CNIC/educational documents, a print out Of the application form alongwith Attestation Fee & Courier Charges to the courier office. A receipt Will be supplied to the candidate from the representative of Courier Company and the same will be Uploaded from the applicant at his attestation application form in HEC online degree attestation System for advice of HEC office that he’s passed over the case to the licensed Courier office. After due Process of attestation a message will be transmitted to the applicant regarding Attestation of his/her records and case will be handed over to the agent of designated After getting the attestation situation in HEC, it will require at least ten (10) working days.

Step-7: Submitting documents for attestation through personal visit/authorize person:

  • You may submit all of your original documents together with duplicates of CNIC/educational files at HEC along with a print from this application form in the attestation windows.
  • After confirmation of the original records, you’ll submit charge at the bank counter inside the HEC premises.

Step-8: Receive your Attested Degree:

You will collect your attested documents from the window after the announcement of your name.

NOTE: Tracking of Application:

  • Selects the Program and click on either “View Attestation Details” or “View Application Details”
  •  On click of the button, respective segments are opened.
  • An applicant can click on Download button to download the zip file of files.
  • Applicants may also download their Program Types and Challan Forms employing this screen as soon as they’ve scheduled their program.
  • All the phases are displayed.
  • Applicant can click on View Remarks to view the remarks against the activities of that particular phase


Click here to get login into HEC E PORTAL


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