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Guy Broke the World Record for Most Retweets Ever

Teenager Carter Wilkinson’s tweet asking Wendy’s for free chicken nuggets went viral in April, and now he has officially broken the world record for most retweets over 3.6 million.

Some months ago a teen name Carter Wilkerson tweeted wendys asking the fast food chain how many retweets he needed in order to score a year of free chicken nuggets. 

Wendy’s response was 18 Million

Lets just quickly point out that wendys responded 18 Million because they knew that he will never actually reach that number prior to Ellen DeGeneres who held the record for most retweeted tweet ever with the famous Oscar at around 3.4 Million retweets in 2014.

Although Carter has not reached 18 million retweets his tweet officially hit 3.6 Million passing Ellen famous selfie as the most re-tweeted tweet in history and gained attention and support from Celebrities and Companies around the world.

Victoria’s Secret Model Martha Hunt tweeted carter saying if he hit 18 Million she would buy him a frosty.


Google responded

 also responded

Carter also picked up over 100,000 folowers and became verified so what we can learn from carter if you love something enough go after it.

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