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Pakistan’s Ace Guitarist Aamir Zaki Dies At The Age Of 49

Pakistan’s Ace Guitarist Aamir Zaki Dies At The Age Of 49

I cannot believe this. But this is the truth of our world, of our lives. It’s the truth of time. A guitarist, who was a genre in his own right in our country, has breathed his last.
In a world of vocalists, this guy challenged the norm and succeeded. Back then, watching him made me believe in the power of music, even without words. He made me believe that I can make it if I never give up even as an instrumentalist. According to family sources, Aamir Zaki died of heart failure after a prolonged illness.
He came up with an album that had all instrumentals with just one song. What great music it was.. and what a great song he created.. “Mera Pyar”. The song still remains as fresh as ever, even after more than a decade. That’s the hallmark of a great songwriter, great artist and a great musician. “Signature” remains one of my favourite local albums to date and Aamir Zaki will remain one of the most gifted musicians our country ever saw. May his soul rest in peace.


Written by Quick Reporter

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