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Reema Khan Rejected Bollywood Offers

Reema Khan Rejected Bollywood Offers

After a long time, beautiful and charming Reema Khan on stage, at Lux Style Awards 2017. As time passes, her beauty and gorgeous looks have multiplied. Reema Khan, from Big Screen to Lux girl and loving mother to affectionate mother.

Reema Khan receives an offer from Bollywood. Like many other Pakistani stars, she also got an offer from B-town.

Reema Khan Rejected Bollywood Offers And the reply was this:

“Working in India isn’t a big deal but going to India aur apni aukaat se bahar hojana, that’s not right”

she protested against India and said:

“When you come back to your own country and demand a ridiculous sum of money, that’s not right”


“The reason I never worked there is that the day the Hindu fundamentalist stands up, woh doodh se makhi ki tarha utha ke phenk dega”

She also said that:

“We’re so patriotic but then why don’t we ever show patriotism? There should be a cohesion between our words and deeds. That’s why our country doesn’t succeed the way it should”

It was Lovely to be with #NidaYasir today at Good Morning Pakistan! ✨

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