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Ways to keep yourself safe from scorching summers

scorching summers

Pakistan has been the country who’s much of the areas suffer from scorching summers every year and this happens almost for half of the year. These on-the-peak summers turn out to be worst for many of the people residing in lower areas of some regions, where the temperature shoots from 30 to even 45-50 degrees and at that time, the weather becomes so unbearable and the worst part lies where unscheduled power outages start to show up and lack of water in distant areas of Balochistan makes this season even worse and instead of enjoying summers, it works as an addition to the misery of poor residents of our country.
Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) says that the present heatwave is foreseen to last for three to four days and right now, it’s only the star up so people should start making mindset that heat will increase day by day.
Dr. Ghulam Rasool who is the director general of MET said that:

“Intensity of heat in the month of Ramadan will be less as compared to the last year but still people should keep in mind the precautions and stay alerted so they won’t have to fall dehydrated during the auspicious month which is on its way. People should be prepared for the upcoming heat waves in order to stay safe from the mishappenings and accidental incidents. And in order to keep yourself and those you care about secure from heat, have a look at how toxic it can turn and how we can take care.

Healthy Ramadan diet plan

1: Dehydration:

scorching summers
It happens when the people don’t drink enough fluids and liquids, like water and juices etc. The human body needs to remain hydrated in order to work properly and this problem can end up causing the dryness in mouth, tiredness, dark colored urine and it also goes one for running the normal working of the body. No one can deny the fact that diet and physical exertion matter a lot and if it is on extreme levels of worse phase, the diet isn’t the one that is needed and is essential, the human body can end up getting dehydrated.
People should keep water with them no matter what and no matter where they are as water saves us from many of the toxic diseases.

2) Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke

scorching summers
When in summers your body ends up becoming too hot and starts losing salt and water, in the form of major sweating, you start to get cramps in muscles and increase in pulse rate and sometimes, it makes you fall faint.
Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are different things. Former happens when our body remains incapable of cooling itself and one should remain in cool place to stay secure.

Heatwave affects who?

It all depends on the age, gender, climate, place and routine of the people who ends up suffering from heatwaves:
However, here is a list of people who are at most risk from the heat wave:
• People above the age of 70
• Physically active babies and young
• Heart patients
• Drug addicts
• Physically active people such as laborers and those who play sports,
• Mental health patients,
• People taking medications for their treatments.


• Chest pain
• Confusion
• Weakness
• Dizziness
• Cramps
• Loss of breath
• Intense thirst

How to stay safe and secure?

1: Drink fluids as much as you can
2: Be prepared with precautions and safety measures.
3: Wear loose clothes with think stuff
4: Stay inside and stay covered
5: Eat fruits much as are rich in water
6: Avoid unneeded physical exertion

Written by Hirah Javed

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