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The tale of a man who traveled on foot from Pak to KSA

traveled on foot

Every Muslim’s obligation is to follow what Islam has taught them and those who follow the five pillars of Islam, for them indeed heaven is promised. In 2013, it came in news by Arab and Pakistani media, that a Pakistani man traveled on foot from Karachi to Makkah for the sake of performing pilgrimage and he covered the distance of 6000 kilometers which took him around 117 days to reach his destination. This man’s heart was filled with so much love and passion which made him travel all alone on foot.

traveled on foot
The man was Kharlzada Kasrat Rai, aged 37 years back in 2013. He truly did something that seems impossible to any normal human being by walking all the way from Karachi to Iran and then from Jordan to Makkah. His journey was started on June 7 and reached KSA on October 1.
On asking about what really motivated him to travel on foot for Hajj, he told media that: “I had a passion for peace, which evidently our religion teaches. I wanted to highlight the soft image of Pakistan to the world”

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He added up while interviewing to ARY News:
“I usually take care of all the logistics before traveling, so while walking, I did not face other issues”
Kasrat had already kept a message while some of his other on-foor-journeys. When once he walked from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Karachi, for the sake of showing the polite and soft image of Pakistanis to thw world. Same is the what happened when he walked to KSA.

On asking he explained his purpose as:
““I want peace in the entire world and I want the Islamic nations to unite like the European Union.”
People like him, who work without having their own personal benefits within, must be remembered till eternity as Kasrat’s passion, love for religion, patriotism for his country and endless motivation is worth remembering so his journey should be talked about every year to bring up the urge and hope in people that when you are blessed with feet, you don’t need airplanes to travel towards the house of your Creator.

traveled on foot

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