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Siasatpk banned without being notified

Siasatpk banned was banned today by Facebook without any warning of notification, which is a page related to pro-PTI and deals with the anti-government stance. On asking from one of the page admin, it was told by them that their page had 3.7 million likes but without even informing or giving any notice, Facebook banned their page and it is not accessible from any country of this planet. It’s indeed a great loss to them.
Even if people try to share the links of, facebook is not allowing any user to have the links shared on their timelines. The reason to this is still unknown as the admin panel is saying that they posted no such stuff that goes against the rules and regulations as well as community standards of facebook.
Even there has been no email received by facebook to them whereas it is understood that whenever any account or page is banned by facebook, they always go for notifying the admin of page or the user of that account.
The admin panel have tried to reach out facebook but it has been hours and they got no reply from the management. Although previously, was once banned by PTA but on the overwhelming demand of people, it was unblocked, but this time, they are getting no response from the facebook management team.

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It is assumed that PML(N) social media team can be at the back of this ban as there had been the stuff related to the anti-government stance.
The page explains that the complaint has been issued to PTA for the sake of blocking their page and facebook is always bound to obey PTA as they are in contract. This was explained by an admin, who added up as:
“We have asked PTA for a statement on this, which is still awaited.”
The users or facebook are already protesting against this happening and we trendsinpk stands with too for unbanning their page so they can go ahead and keep sharing the stuff that we all look for.

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