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Facebook became the reason of a woman’s reunion with her family after ages


All of us have read and heard stories about couples who met at social media and ended up marrying each other. These kinds of stories have become so common that sometimes, we never believe them and sometimes, we consider them as ‘fake’ and even at times, we name them as life goals of social media addicts who fell in love.
Today, an unbelievable story is being covered by us in which a 75-year-old woman from Kashmir met her family after 60-longs years which only happened with the help of social media. The family shared a story of Jehan Shah, who went missing at the age of 8 and social media turned out to be a source of their reunion.
During the age of 8, Sultana was married to a man, as it was their cultural practice to marry women in such a small and tender age. Sultana went missing from whereabouts of Rawalpindi. She was searched by the family at all the places in the country but she was found nowhere and family ended up believing that Sultana had passed away.
Sultana’s son used facebook to spread information and helped her reunite with her family, The son reached Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan, a facebook page which was owned by Rahimuddin which helped to spread information on his page and due to his efforts, Sultana, on 4th of April, 2017 reunited with her family.


“I tried my level best to find her and was finally able to locate her brother who confirmed that his sister had gone missing decades ago,” – said Rahimuddin.

After meeting up her family after ages, Sultana is extremely happy and the people has accepted that social media’s power cannot be underrated. Much of the credit goes to that page admin who helped to spread the information on his page and to make Sultana meet her family, turning one of her dreams into reality.

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