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Women committed suicide when a faith healer tortured and raped her in Muzaffargarh

Women committed suicide

A lady who was newly wed was brought to a ‘faith-healer’ by her mother-in-law, who then got raped and the lady ended up suiciding in Shah Jamal, MuzafarGarh.
The police of Shah Jamal told that this woman was aged 20 and used to reside in the whereabouts of Goram Bagaoun and just a month back, she got married. Her mother-in-law believed that she had some mental disorders because she was possessed so she forced her to go to a faith healer for the sake of exorcism and that man told his name as Qari Iqbal.

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That man named Iqbal told Mai that Nusrat was facing the false spiritual spirits so she urgently needed a treatment for healing else she would never be able to give birth to a child.
The young lady was not just raped, but she was tortured with burning rods and hot knives that left her hands, feet, and body injured. On getting back home, she took poison. Police says that before torture, she has been raped but still the autopsy report is awaited.
Later she was taken to Shah Jamal hospital where she passed away.
Although Iqbal escaped and further investigation is being carried out and is in the process.

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