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Maryam Nawaz is accused for blasphemy which should be stopped

Maryam Nawaz

The topic of blasphemy is stopped as people have started treating it as a joke. If we look up the history of our nation, many people are murdered in the name of spreading blasphemy. People come up putting allegations on others and the rest of the crowd starts joining and believing them blindly and ends up killing someone. If this is what you are doing in the name of blasphemy, it’s you who firstly need to have a look at your doings and then decide who deserves punishment and who doesn’t.
The people using social media has again started throwing lights on Mariam Nawaz and an active member of social media is seen using her Twitter space to advocate on behalf of her father, Nawaz Sharif. Since few days, trends on twitter has seen active, condemning Maryam Nawaz as if she is supporting blasphemy content. Last day, a trend was seen as #MaryamAndBhensa which got so viral, and people ended up accusing Maryam Nawaz on supporting the page that promotes blasphemous content.

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She has given the clarification that she has liked the content of bhensa account but she was unaware that bhensa account has previously shared some content related to blasphemy. So it is not her fault. And that’s true. No matter how much we all hate the “Shareef” family, we cannot just bring them down by showing the involved in blasphemous content and talks. This is just becoming a trend on social media, to spit out our personal grudges same as it was done with the innocent soul, Mashal Khan. Whatever one see on social media should not be judged and should be kept at length from any person’s real life. You cannot just frame someone so wrong only because you have differences with them. It is not at all acceptable that people are discussing this issue as it’s not so sensitive and it seems so horrifying watching people putting such extreme allegations on others without caring it can turn out to be the consequences of life and death.

This is how all of this started:


The new low level just touched by Pakistani awaam. Welcome to Pakistan. 

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