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WhatsApp turning more promising with its new updates

WhatsApp Update

Here is the good news for all WhatsApp users by the Whatsapp company. They have decided to upgrade the version to the point where users can un-send or edit an already sent message, can even share their live locations and can reply to the status and stories of people. These new functionalities will be the reason of people liking and turning towards WhatsApp more, forgetting Viber, LINE, WeChat, Hangouts, ChatOn, Facebook messenger, Tango, Kik Messenger or Telegram.
These new features are limited to only a few users to check the flaws if any, for now, that are introduced as Beta options. But will be soon provided to every WhatsApp user once the checking phase is done.
The option of pinning any conversation will turn out to be really good for us to help us keep in mind the important chats as this pinning option will help us affix the chats of our choice on the top and those chats will stay there unless they got unpinned from you.

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As far as the unsend option is concerned, it will help users to change/edit the message or even unsend after sending it before it is seen by the receiver. The same that happens in the conversations while Instagramming. Live location sharing option will help your friends and family know where you are at the moment so you won’t have to text people and tell them about the places you have checked in. It will keep happening automatically. Users will also be able to reply to anyone’s status.
Although the functioning has started and is in Beta phase as it is available to very limited users, soon it will be available for all of us so we can avail and enjoy the very new and interesting-to-use WhatsApp update. The options of this new update is available with WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 and 2.17.163 version right now but soon, this Beta run turns out to be successful, WhatsApp will provide all users with this update through Application Stores

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