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Male models in Pakistan versus sexual favoring demands

We live in a country where the urge to reach the top without putting much of your efforts in it and looking for the easiest possible way to the hill is becoming a norm. Our film industry too is striving hard to become known for the changing landscapes that they misunderstand as liberalism. Our fashion industry too is on the peaks of success and fame which they are attaining through talent, good looks as well as ‘couch casting’.

Top 7 Male Pakistani Fashion Models

For those who are unaware of the term, it is used “in reference to the supposed practice whereby actors/ actresses are awarded parts in films or plays in return for granting sexual favors to the casting director.” This taboo has been prevailing in our media industry too, just as everywhere else in the world. Much of the people believe it to be the part of liberalism, but I wonder why have they forgotten the religion they belong to? Earning bucks and making your name should be done while taking care of the ‘limitations’ that are brought to you in your religion.
Pakistan is, unfortunately, the country where the young talent cannot reach their goals mainly because they lack money, and nothing these days is attained only if you have talent or guts but money is needed too. And those talented-but-poor males and females feel like they can get what they want, if only they offer themselves to the people who are the appointing heads and directors. And then, they go for giving them sexual favors in order to get their dreams come true.
This couch casting system in the Fashion industry has become a routine for the young girls and boys who go for showing their talent and come back with the confusing thoughts of ‘to-do’ or ‘no-to-do?’ And unfortunately, they keep facing harassment from the hands of those who are above them, yes, the professionals!

Male models in Pakistan
Nomi Qamar, while speaking to Newsline magazine in 2012, discussed this cast couching problem while saying: “It happens all over the world and it happens here too. Our eyebrows only go up because we like to think that we’re Pakistani and Muslim and therefore above such practices. In fact, some of the stylist and photographers share the young male models as ‘gifts’ with each other. However, I will say that I know people who do great work and don’t do such things. Also, if two people are willing to go with the casting couch business then why is it such a big deal? Kisi aur ko kia masla hai? Why are we so scandalized, especially since it happens everywhere else too?””

Male models in Pakistan
Although Nomi Qamar has told that this issue is prevailing all over the world, but we being Pakistanis, and Muslims have certain limitations set by our religion called Islam so before crossing any such limits, one should keep in mind where they come from and what their religion has taught them, and any wrongdoing cannot just ruin their image but will spoil the name of “Islam” as well as these people are the ones who are known for their name and work and they are the trendsetters because whatever they say or do, carries weight. LGBT rights and supporting homosexuality isn’t really welcomed in Pakistan. Male models should go for adopting the better ways to step into fashion/media/film industry and should stop bidding themselves because it’s not the fame and money that you will be taking with you in your graves but your character and deeds.

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