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iPhone users can charge through WiFi now

iPhone wifi charge
iPhone wifi charge

Here we are revealing a good news to iPhone addicts. Apple has introduced a new patented technology through which the next Apple smartphones will be able to charge when only connected to wifi, through the radio signals.

This newly introduced technology by Apple will help people charge their batteries through the Wi-Fi signals, the signals of mobile data or satellite signals.
Apple smartphones will be using the radio signals that are used to transmit data, and this kind of charging facility will not be possible through the old antennas which are already in use and tried but specially designed antennas will be set everywhere to harvest these energies for the sake of charging batteries.

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There will be devices with two sets, that includes a transmitter that transmits signals everywhere, one would be on the receiving side while other would be at the sending side.
Although for now, the range of wireless would be limited but the Apple company has in mind and will be working to increase the spacing and range of it, so people can get their benefit more in number and Apple, this year, has already introduced 5 charging patents at different places and they are working successfully .

This new idea seems to be very beneficial for all the iPhone users and more people will switch to Apple mainly because of this attention-gaining facility.

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