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Haider Sultan, ruling hearts with his tweets.

Haider tweets

In this world full of so many heartless people, there still exist some people who help you restore your belief in humanity. They are those people who spread happiness without involving their own benefit and they love spreading laughter everywhere they go, believing that it doesn’t cost a damn thing so they keep sprinkling that shit everywhere. They are those “somebody” who makes everyone else feel like “somebody”. They don’t let anyone ever come to them without leaving happier and the only thing they know is to spread love as thick as you would Nutella. Haider Sultan is exactly one of those people who daily makes people smile by all the amazing tweets that he shares on his very well known facebook page, “Haider tweets”.
This best-tweet-guy has established himself in Islamabad and is doing his masters in Psychology. He is too much into traveling and one of the most enthralling things about him is, he is a foodie and is fond of trying all kinds of vivers. Besides it, he is also a social activist as he who love changing the mindset of people with typical thinking to bring social change, which is indeed on the greatest needs of our society these days.
He is one of those humanitarians who volunteers in knocking-into-shape the events like “wall of kindness” and ‘free food for the hungry bellies’ as ‘charity’ is seemed to be in his genes. Who on earth can be better than someone having a nature like him? I know all of you who are moving eyes from these lines are thinking that very rare people these days hold such sort of supremacy in their nature and this guy is one of them.

On asking about his goals he told:

“Goal is to go abroad (my whole family lives abroad, mama baba siblings) for further studies. Then back to Pakistan. phir yahan aa k tabahi macha deni hai

Well Haider, we, trendsinpk really wish to see you achieving your goals till you reach that ‘tabahi macha dene wala’ phase.
While going through his page “Haider tweets”, there were some of his tweets that made us wonder that what an amazing humor this Islamabad-lad is blessed with.
The one that says: “Aisay na mjhe tm dekho, rishta bhijva doon ga”.

Haider tweets

Haider has ruined the song in such a perfectly amusing way.

Then we saw one of his pictures where he is standing at a Dhaba, making CHAI with the caption that says: “DP change krnay ka maqsad Pakistani Awaam ka Sheikh Rasheed say Dheyan hatana hai..”

Haider tweets

Now to some people who love Sheikh Rasheed, this caption would have turned out to be facetious but to us, his tongue-in-cheek humor is truly appreciable.

Our lives are so messed up that we always need a break to laugh and people like Haider work as our real therapies.

Check one of his tweets that says:
Ager Newton aur Einstein Pakistani hotay tou un ka bhi salaana Urs hota.

Haider tweets

That was ironic though true and one being a Pakistani can completely understand this.

And the next one that goes like: “Anyone wants to be my gf for 5 mins? Kisi ko jealous krna hai”.

Haider tweets

Surely if his actual Girlfriend would have read it, he must have been blocked by her at least for a day or two.

And for this, you have our sympathies, Haider.

Haider tweets

And the one every boy can relate to and have been through at least once in their lifetime while waiting for a taxi. You see, this is how ‘heart-break’ happens.

Then the one about grades. I know all of us can relate to this because it happens, especially before papers that whenever we decide to study, some posts like “grades kabr main kaam nahi aengy” ruins our motivation, bringing our urge to study on level zero.

Haider tweets

Keep spreading laughter, happiness, and kindness in the same way because this world needs more humanitarians who can bring out the best in people through their actions and deeds and keep your humor alive because the world loves to read your tweets.

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