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Tips which can get you a Girlfriend

How to get a Girlfriend?

For all the single and on the shelf boys, who are yearning for a girlfriend and those who are tired of being single, tired of beholding and gazing their friends who are in a relationship, watching them happy, laughing, together, partying hard, cranking up jokes, going to movies, being there for each other twenty-four seven, being the perfect love birds. Remember SINGLETONS! No more need of losing your hearts!

Paulo Coelho wrote:

Tips which can get you a Girlfriend
So the solo boys here is the panacea to your wounds!

Don’t be a desperate kind:

I can expect that you all have heard about the quote ” First impression is the last “. So first time when you meet the girl don’t make her feel alone and don’t overdress or set out yourself for a goal set that you’re going to find the girlfriend. Self Confidence is the main thing you need in front of any girl. So that if she chooses you as her future husband, she should feel proud of you. And when the first time you are meeting her as a friend and there are a bunch of girls everywhere don’t show her that you’re just noticing her.

A single compliment can mean so much to her:

The main weakness of a girl occurs when you complement her. So you need to become a good observer to find a good thing in every type of girl. It’s a psychological fact that every girl can be attained and attracted toward you just by complimenting her dress or anything which is special in her. This special type can be any special skills she has or something on her face like a mole or her glasses or her bouncy lovely hair.
Things you first need to build in yourself:

1: Try merging your persona with your personality
Personality is your inner self and your persona is actually the mask you wear in front of the world. Don’t create a persona in which your actual personality is completely vague. Stay who you are and don’t try to become what you are not!

2: Be a MAN, not a BOY
Being a man not refers to your macho looks, it actually means to be responsible in your relationship with friends and your family, as well as in studies and career. Girls usually fall for the boys who are good at fulfilling their responsibilities in a perfect way!

3: Be unflappable:
Girls love those boys who stay cool, calm and collected, who know well the use of self-controlling thing during the phases and situations of complete chaos and havoc, during the state of annoyance and exasperation and this thing clearly expresses that a boy should not be hot-tempered!
4: Be pragmatic:
Girls mostly avoid getting into relationships with such boys who are less practical, the only thing that they are good at is daydreaming, staying in the state of fantasy all the time. Try not to be in a brown study, try not to stare into space while having your feet on the earth, stop indulging yourself in fancy or wool-gathering and be realistic!

5: Need a girlfriend for time pass or dating? Abort Mission!!
If you are planning to get a girlfriend for just time pass, only to show off and look cool, only to show the world that you are not alone, you don’t deserve a girl. Be sincere. Be loyal. Being in a relationship is not about kissing or dating, it’s about being with a girl who makes you happy in a way that no one else can!

Tips which can get you a Girlfriend
Ways to keep your girlfriend glued to you
• Tell her she is beautiful even when she is wearing no makeup and when her hair is a mess.
• Keep complimenting her on little things she does, let it be any cute expression she made while watching a movie or any sentence she spoke in an adorable way.
• Make her feel secure as she’s your daughter because it’s a psychological theory that states ‘Girl sees a reflection/a part of their dad in her boyfriend or husband’. Keep reminding her that no matter what, you have got her back and you are always at her corner.
• Forgive her and never argue on little happenings because sometimes while arguing, we should keep in mind whether our girlfriend is important or the arguments? Who actually matters more? The relationship or the fight? You will get your answer!
• Be possessive but not over-protective because it will make her feel bounded and restricted and not all girls have the temperament to withstand such things and keep a relationship going. The more space you will give to her, the closer she will stay to you!
• Trust her because the lack of trust ruin relationships, and keep in mind that no one is ever PERFECT!

Tips which can get you a Girlfriend

• A jealous girlfriend is more faithful so do not get irritated by her jealousy, people only get jealous when they care. So stay optimistic!
• If you want your girlfriend never to leave your corner, respect her, care for her, love her, text her first, apologize even if she was wrong and never lie!
• Usually, every girl has boys in her life, a best friend with whom she shares every best and worst experience. A boyfriend, with whom she is sincere and blindly trust and a true love with whom she actually wants to grow old. Try to be the same person, because being a best friend first and a partner second strengthen your relationship!
• Don’t ever think of comparing her with your ex-girlfriend, remember that you EX is an EX for a reason. Don’t make her pay for the things she has not done or have done in her past. Keep in mind that every person has a ‘past’.
• When your girlfriend sends a text saying: ‘do not worry about it’. You should better be freaking worry about it!
• Never take her for granted. Life does not normally work on the schedule you envision. There will be ups and downs but never take her for-granddad otherwise she will start getting over you and at that very moment, you will regret about everything you did and such regrets last a lifetime.

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