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Jazz trying to be the Uber of Pakistan | Launching mLift |


We feel pleasure introducing you that Jazz telecommunication company is introducing its very own ride-hailing service in Pakistan. People are glad to know that Jazz has brought forward something different than the old business trend it was holding.
Drivers of Dubbed mLift, Jazz’s ride-hailing service will be connected to riders through IVR or voice call, and no internet connection will be needed.
As there will be no need of internet, this service is expected to reach the heights of success.
Besides it, mLift is taking into consideration about the threats that were faced to Uber and Careem transport services.
Those taxi drivers who faced so much loss when Uber and Careem were introduced can get onboard with mLift and get riders over phone remotely and it is indeed a good news to them as they are now stepping in direct competition with app based ride-hailing services (Careem and Uber).
In Pakistan, ride-hailing is the huge market ad covers a prominent ratio in the business sector. It is estimated that more than 20 – 30 million Pakistanis commute daily even when they lack their own vehicles It seems difficult to get over Careem and Uber quickly as their plans are at the peak but still this new service will definitely going to give the opponents, a tough time.

mLift is taking into consideration both the issues, especially the one of on-board passengers and the existing transporters and by expanding services in all parts of Pakistan, bringing ease to everyone.
mLift won’t be buying brand new cars but will be using the old ones so investors can invest their money on something better to look after facilities.
As far as the security measures are concerned, mLift requires the public-service license and a car to get anyone board. They also go for the verification of the drivers by registering their thumb impressions and taking their phone numbers to avoid any mishap or inconvenience


Mlift works like this:

Riders will be dialing 7555
Based on riders’ location, a driver from vicinity will be connected to rider over phone
• Both rider and driver will negotiate the trip price by contacting on call
• Ride and price will be confirmed by the driver
• Cash will be paid to the driver by the rider at the end of the trip.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi will be experiencing this service first:
Jazz is launching firstly, the mLift in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. They already have several hundred drivers who are onboard.
The company has planned to expand this service in Pakistan soon.

Peculiarly to Jazz customers for now:
mLift is currently an exclusive service for Jazz customers. However, when the application will be launched, people from all other networks will also be able to avail this service

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