Pakistani hackers hacked Indian University websites

Some allegedly Pakistani hackers have lately hacked 10 official Indian websites which belonged to Indian universities, including Indian institute of technology and Delhi university. These hacking attacks are mainly done as a revenge for those cyber attacks done on Pakistan Railway Ministry website.
After hacking their websites, Pakistani hackers left slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Just here to deliver my message to the government and the people of India” and then the message that said, “People in Kashmir have the right to live in peace”.

Pakistani hackers
This hacking-educational-sites is not happening for the first time, even hacking was done to government websites as well as the cyber war between India and Pakistan doesn’t stop, and in the result of this, many websites, both Indian and Pakistani, have been damaged.
In the near past, around 7000 Indian websites are defaced by Pakistani hackers and the best thing that happened during an Indian flight was when Pakistani hackers made Indian pilots listen to Pakistani patriotic songs during the whole flight. Even the National Security guard website of India was hacked by Pakistani hackers once, and there is no wrong because Indians too are always finding ways to attack our minor-leveled government and educational websites.
This war seems to have no ending point as it has been going on since ages and it will go on for centuries.

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