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When modernism turn girls into feminazis and feminism is killed


I know much of us have heard the word “feminazi” usually on Tumblr and we keep on thinking that this word actually means. Is it the same as feminism? Is it something better than feminism? Or is it something worse or what and why are some feminists given the title of ‘feminazis”? and are there any feminists who are allergic to feminazis? Such questions keep running inside our minds but today, you will get your answers in this article.
Usually, the term ‘feminazi’ is often used to indicate a woman who uses the banner of feminism to promote a misandric agenda. This term is also used for those people who cross the borderline of equality, gaining sympathies, taking their views so higher on the peaks that women are seen superior while demanding equality. I know much of us will find it offensive, but that’s true. Many of the women among us grab “feminism” as a tool to cross their boundaries, without taking care of their respect, character and gender role.
Feminism, on the other hand, is equality and justice. This is something which is acceptable as it is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” There is no wrong if a woman is fighting to get her rights. Indeed, our religion has given women the rights that are immeasurable and they can travel as many oceans as they want in the name of feminism to get the rights to live and rights to get the “deserved” rights!
But, many social media sites these days are vanishing feminism and the place of feminism being filled by ‘feminazis” which is completely wrong and pathetic! Women these days are running towards the height of modernism, but neglecting the element of “limit” and “boundaries”.
In a country like Pakistan, women are demanding bikes. I mean, what’s bad if you can travel through a car which is all safe and secure? In the levels of promoting modernism, they are exposed to the world. They need to travel on bikes, but when some guy out of nowhere, comes up, following them, raping them, then they are the ones who switch from ‘longing for modernity to longing for sympathy’ in the name of feminism. What on earth is the need to even go for adopting the life patterns of men? Does feminism allow you to switched your gender and its roles? It never says so! The feminazis sitting on social media only hold such beliefs! And we literally feel for them as they are just trying their hardest to change the definition of “women” adding in it the characteristics of men.
Feminism is becoming a war between men and women and its only reason is feminazis spreading their senseless viewpoints and distorting the mindsets of women these days. Feminazis are those people, who don’t demand equality but superiority, they are those people who are easily provoked and who get angry when someone opens a door for them, and they are those who are twenty-four seven ready to attack any sign of sexism with their own illogical mindsets and perceptions.
There would be no wrong if we called ‘femanazis’ as “men-haters”“ because such people fight for what they believe is right instead of doing or spreading the right thing, and they only are ready to tear down and burst out of those who are against them. Such people thinks that it’s okay for random women to talk to men they don’t even know about but when men start talking to women, that is something unacceptable and fearful. Why? Where does your so-called-feminism go? And adding up my very favorite quote about them that says: “Hating men isn’t feminism. It’s common sense”. Like seriously?
People who claim to be feminists and they keep promote loving women and counting them in gender equality are sometimes the same people who become feminazis when some other women disagree with your point of views. To be completely real, it cannot go side by side where you are bashing men, walking around with vagina hats, but holding the signs that say “someday I hope to have the same rights as gun”. Embarrassing it is!
Being a Pakistani woman, one should feel blessed, instead of becoming a feminazi and turning your gender into the other women. If you are born as a woman, then you should never forget the difference that men are “other creatures” and adopting their ways to live will only end up leaving you a symbol of foolishness and nothing more! You are blessed being raised as a Pakistani woman.

Ever thought of surviving in the countries like SaudiArabia where a woman cannot even drive a car. In Nepal, where the unmarried daughters are sold to sex traffickers? Afghanistan, where the women can only survive will the age of 45 and not more than that? Or even places like Mali, where women are facing the continuous tortures of genital mutilation?
The article can go on and on, but if next time, being a feminazi, you bitch about not having the same rights as men, think of being the repressed species, try traveling one day in the shoes of women from those countries who are mentioned above. And for heaven’s sake, stop shielding yourself up in the name of feminism, while forgetting what being a woman, your roles are and what limitations you are bound not to cross, naming them as modernism.
Feel proud to be a woman because you are blessed!


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