Alibaba Officials to invest $400 million in Pakistan
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Alibaba Officials to invest $400 million in Pakistan

Pakistani’s government showing interest to work with Ali Baba is a good news that will bring something best in the near future. Officials from Ali Baba will be soon becoming the part of running this e-commerce in Pakistan.
The people who will lead the delegation will be no one else but Mr. Michael Evans, who is the director as well as the president of Ali Baba. He has taken on his shoulders, all the responsibility to run, manage and take into account the advancement strategy outside China.
Top government officials from Pakistan will be the part of this delegation led by Mr. Michael that will include Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Shareef, the commerce minister, Mr. Khurram Dastageer Khan and IT minister, Ms. Anusha Rehman as well as many other people carrying significant roles in the government sector of Pakistan.

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It all initiated when Pakistan prime minister interacted with Jack Ma, who is the chairman of Ali Baba group, and they discussed all the issues and matters regarding e-commerce in detail.
It is expected that this delegation will be reaching Pakistan very soon in near future, making the officials of government and private sector discuss this pact in detail, knowing all the do’s and don’t’s, and keeping in mind all the interests, benefits and profits which both parties will be receiving.
Whereas the second discussion session will involve the talks between delegation and commerce minister and IT minister for the sake of investing and introducing various strategies that would help the trade grow by turning it better.
Chairman of NADRA and Chairman board of investors, both will be having a meeting as well to put light on all the other aspects regarding income generation as well as security.
Rest of the details will be officially announced when all the meetings will be done and decisions will be made by all the above-mentioned officials of Pakistani government and Ali Baba, and it is expected that the investment by Ali Baba in this matter will be around $400 million

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