Adnan Sami joins Snapchat Fiasco, Gets brutally trolled instead

Snapchat CEO about india
Snapchat CEO about india

A lot has happened since the news of Snapchat CEO saying “India a poor country“, has erupted. People all over India complaining about that against the comment section of “SNAPDEAL“, Yes! SNAPDEAL (Indeed poor stuff). Uninstalling Snapchat and ranting about it on TWITTER.


Adnan Sami joined this Snapchat Fiasco like every other Indian countryperson. But got brutally trolled by Pakistani’s Twitterati. Pakistani’s are awesome <3

Off to Savage Pakistani Twitterati now, Let’s see how they handled his dual patriotism. 





When the trolls didn’t stop, Adnan Sami took it a little emotionally with the reply 😀

Someone tell him the definition of “Patriotism”. NAMAK HARAM.

Hello My Son

Snapchat CEO about india

After Snapchat-Snapdeal Mixup, Poor Indians at it again with Sonus of India