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8 Things All Couples Do on Their Honeymoon

8 Things All Couples Do on Their Honeymoon

When you are in relationship you passed through its different phases.  Some enjoy the moments while other don’t. All want to go on honeymoon and those who are back want to go back in time to enjoy the time with bae.

If you are in a relationship or going to tie the knot, then surely these will be interesting for you.

Looking at your partner without any reason for a long time.


Mentioning your partner with their full name.


Feeling alone if get apart from your partner for some times.


Telling your partners achievements to your friends.


Looking your partner’s Instagram and tries to find his ex-comments


Doing random actions to make your partner happy


Partner’s phone call make you panic if called in irregular times


When your partner wore black kamez shalwar for the first time.


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Written by Ghazia Qaiser

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