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Nestle Everyday steps in the battlefield of CocaCola vs Lipton

Nestle: Ab Coke mei dunk karwayega Zalima?

Nestle Everyday steps in the battlefield of CocaCola vs Lipton

Chai Vs Coke When Lipton and Danedaar were busy battening against Coca-Cola, they got another support by Nestle Everyday, and they started feeling more strengthened.

It’s more like 3 fighters fighting against 1 giant, who is already at peace while battling this war alone. It seems as if Coca-Cola is happily accepting the responses from Lipton, Danedaar and now Nestle Everyday, as indirectly, these Chai brands are helping to increase the market of Coca-Cola, no matter by showing insecurity which is at peak.

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The advertisement that Nestle Everyday has attacked with is of a Coca-Cola glass, where a hand is about to dunk a ‘Cookie in Coke’ and their tagline goes like: “DUNK NOW ZALIMA“.

Nestle Everyday steps in the battlefield of CocaCola vs Lipton

It shows how foolishly they have tried to criticize Coke, acting so desperate, showing that no one can dunk a cookie in Coke so Coke is useless as compared to Chai.

Are you finding it funny? Actually, that’s exactly how it is! It’s called comparing apples to bananas. Maybe they are following the saying that goes like ‘Everything is fair in War’.

That makes it so true that sometimes, you do not really need a huge kind of budget for the sake of an effective marketing. While going through the comment section of this Nestle Everyday’s advertisement, my eyes were stuck on a hilariously amazing comment by Yusra Baig who wrote:

“I don’t like cookies so no dunking for me, pass me a straw instead”.

That is how Coca-Cola is getting more and more market even by these advertisements which are against it, but Chai brands are paying no heed to it as their only focus is on “feeling insecure from ZALIMA” ..

This issue will surely lead to no solution, instead, they will end up amusing people, till the war is on.

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