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Coca-cola vs Lipton: The war is ON

Coca-cola vs Lipton the war is ON: Brace yourselves !!!
Well, this is not really the very first war we are dealing with but having a glimpse of the war that went between Lipton and Tapal in recent past was actually the initiative. Direct comparative advertising was commenced by Lipton where Hamza Ali Abbasi said ‘Try kro Lipton aik baar, bhool jaogay Danedaar! Warna aap k pesay wapis’.

This direct attack on Danedaar by Lipton left many of us shocked because, in the rules and regulations set by PEMRA, there is a law that states:

“Direct attack on any TV advertisement, belonging to any brand is not allowed and hence, the ad will be banned and such brands will be charged with a noticeable amount of fine”.

But still, nothing stopped Lipton, leaving butterflies inside the minds of all Tapal lovers. And in its response, Tapal created an ad where they went like: ‘Jo peetay han Tapal din raat, wo suntay nahi kisi or ki baat’.
Getting back to this recent WWE Championship between Coca-Cola and Chai, it all started when Coca-Cola introduced their advertisement where they completely showed their insecurity towards all Chai companies by adding the line where the groom refuses to drink coke “Zalima, Coca-Cola Pilade”. It clearly showed how much Coca-Cola has hatred towards all the Chai lovers as well as all chai companies.

I wonder what on earth is the logic of comparing two things that have to and that must go side-by-side because they both are a necessity!
As every action has a reaction so the Chai companies did not let this go without reacting in such an amusing way. Lipton introduced their advertisement where their tagline bursted out as: “PAKISTANIS LOVE CHAI. ZALIMA..NICE TRY”.

Coca-cola vs Lipton

and Mezan exploded with: “Wo ZAALMA hi hai jo CHAI na pilaye” ..

Coca-cola vs Lipton the war is ON

Hilarious isn’t is? I second you all if you people are thinking the same as me!
Besides all these tagline attacks going between Chai and Coca-Cola, none of us can neglect the importance of both as surviving without these would be hard definitely. There’s no comparison and this Chai VS Coke war will leave no real impact on Chai or Coke lovers, except for amusing them in an innovative way.
If we talk about Chai, it is such a great need for every one of us. We wake up on Chai, we sleep on Chai. Indeed it is one of the core requirements of the majority of us. If ‘shaam ki Chai with biscuits’ is neglected, the whole day ruins, people start getting head throbs until night. I believe, Chai gives more energy than any of the energy drink! (Of course, I clearly do not want to invite a new war between Chai and Red Bull here).
Whereas Coca-Cola is our life! Yes, we love it and our functioning remains incomplete without getting a Coke-break during the working hours of our hectic, tiresome days. Whether we are working in our offices, enjoying breaks between lectures, eating “Friday ki Biryani”, having BBQ parties or being in someone’s ‘Shaadi’ if there’s no Coke, there’s no fun and real celebration lacks.
So, coming back to this Chai VS Coke battle, it’s useless comparing them both and facing insecurities that the lovers of Chai or Coca-Cola might switch from one “love” to another, is just a false belief! So, let’s have our own tagline that says “Zaalima, Coke k sath Chai hojaye”

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