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5G striking Pakistan very soon

5G striking Pakistan very soon

Revealing the good news here that Pakistan will be the very first country from all South Asian countries to test the 5G cellular services for getting more better and more faster wireless connections.

As today, 3G data seems so slow than 4G LTE networks, this 5G will be striking in a way, making you believe that all other data networks are of no use now.

The internet speed will be very much improved and fast, ranging from gigabits to ten of gigabits. It was announced by IT Minister, Anusha Rehman that Pakistan just won the GSMA award and now it is on the 3rd level if seen on the list of cellular telecom operator groups.

It was also told that people are much involved in IT these days, and the penetration of internet has raised from 3 percent to 27 percent during the span of past two years. She also announced that all the rural areas will be covered with the facility of 3G services in the upcoming years and no far off village or city will be left deprived of the internet facility.

She said that:

“We are working towards making a digital Pakistan. Digital economy through IT, freelance, start-ups, e-commerce and mobile apps are the future”

If we talk about market shares, Pakistan has approximately 3 Billion in ICT industry, stated Raja Amer Iqbal who is the RCCI President. But even by this, the government is paying no heed to spend this amount for the betterment of internet networks in Pakistan.

Written by Hirah Javed

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