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Girls get ready to ‘bootcamp’ by Tripkar at Naran

bootcamp by Tripkar at Naran

Tripkar is a well-known travel and tourism company which promotes the women independence and set up local tours for young girls, announces this April, about “Women in Boots 2017” which is a four-day boot camp, associated to SHE.

There will be 20 women selected from different institutions of Lahore who will undertake this free-of-cost trip to Naran, which is indeed accepted as a piece of heaven on this earth.
The very first sponsors are Stylo who have a slogan of “Jo Chahoon Wo Paoon“, are happily supporting this tour as well as the main sponsors like DeManchi Hotel and Telenor Pakistan are associated with this tour too.
The basic purpose of this four-day event will be exploring the potential in women which is vague and polishing their skills to lead in a better way.
The campus drives will be taking initiative by visiting different schools and colleges of Lahore.
If you want to see whether your school/college is included, you can visit: Tripkar Facebook Page

After the stage of selection of 5 participants from different institutions, the second stage will be a Pre-Boot Camp session in which the knowledge of girls will be tested, regarding travel and tourism industry of Pakistan. At the end, there will be 14 girls selected who will be taken to Naran and enjoy their camp.
The 3 slots that will be remaining will be occupied by 3 lucky winners from these competitions mentioned below:
1: An online photography contest is known as “Stylo Moments”
2: A writing competition about your travel story by “Tripkar-Travel Pakistan”.
The organizers of TripKar are so much enthusiastic and excited to bring up this revolution among women where they can see themselves as independent and confident, help them groom and learn more about their future life, shaping their minds and personality and helping them achieve their life goals with better perspectives and mindsets.

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