Suzuki Mehran’s new security feature resulting in a price increase

Suzuki Mehran
Suzuki Mehran

Introducing a new security trait in Suzuki Mehran with escalation in price: Few days back, the increase in the prices of Suzuki mehran has been announced in Pakistan, thats falls on all sorts of models of Mehran.

On exploring, we came to know that this sudden announcement of rising in prices is mainly due to great amount of 53 percent fall in Pak-Suzuki paybacks that the company has been facing since the phase of last 9 months.

On the other hand, Suzuki Mehran has heightened in prices from April 10th of this year.

An increment of price percentage in recent Mehran’s models:

On researching, it is observed that two alternative models of Suzuki Mehran, that are VX and VXR are lately rising to Rs. 24,000 right now. Following are the prices of all models of Mehran (containing all the rise of amounts):

Mehran VX = PKR 679,000

Mehran VXR = PKR 732,000

Mehran VX CNG = PKR 749,000

Mehran VXR CNG = PKR 802,000

Introducing the latest security trait:

Well, Suzuki has not just focused on increasing the price but has also brought up a new security feature in its cars known as “Immobilizer” which is basically a tool which only starts the car when the principal key is available, making it difficult, in fact impossible for thieves to steal the car. This tool usually works with an RF identification transponder that is analyzed and checked automatically when the car is being started. Although no knowledge about the SRS airbags has been set out by the company. This thing is worth mentioning because the SRS airbags as well as immobilizer were announced as necessary elements of the cars and companies were asked to include these kind of safety features in them. But now it seems that the addition of immobilizer in Suzuki is showing that the company is agreeing to the policy that was set back then. As the price of Mehran VXR is hitting PKR 800,000 as well as the huge heightening up in the price during the past few months , it is foreseen that the cars of Suzuki will be hard to sell now, and the basic reason to this is Japanese companies offering their cars in almost the same prices that has far better traits in them if compared to Mehran


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