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Mobile apps for helping Autistic Children, Technology uses for help


Children are the greatest blessing. Children are innocent. A seminar was held in LUMS on Sunday to support autistic children on ninth World Autism Awareness day. At the seminar three mobile apps were launched to help autistic children. these were AHSAS, AGHAZ and BOL. The modern technology is now a days working in every field of life. In Pakistan use of technology is increasing every days as recently an app for police was developed for trecking purposes.

A press releases said that This seminar was organized in the Lahore University of Management Sciences by Autism Spectrum Disorders Welfare Trust (ASDWT).

This app was developed by the team of LUMS Human Computer interaction Lab which was lead by Dr Suleman Shahid in liaison i liaison with ASDWT for consulting regarding the needs for helping autistic children through digital technology.

ASDWt chairperson rukhsana shah was talking on the occasion and said that autistic children were were in the situation of being isolated because they lack communication due to either nonverbal or having articulation issue.

There should be some way through which they can communicate with the people, this is very important for them to communicate in Urdu with them to bridge the gap of communication, therefor these applications will try to help those children.

Dr shahid told about the AGHAZ app, he siad that this application is very helpful for the teachers, therapists and even parents to help their children learn Urdu language.

D Shahid added that this app will help the children to understand their own emotions and emotions of others. This will help for the improvement of the social interactions. It will enable the children to understand the emotions in social context and will try to act upon the situation on the daily basis.

BOL app helps to learn language, it contains picture symbols and voice sybthesis in Urdu and English for helping users to create a mesage.

Asma Ahmad who is the senior clinical psychoogist of ASDWT said that there are few private autism centres in Pakistan but their charges are too high to be afforded by the mediocre family. There is a dire need for such centres in Pakistan on the government level.

Steps to help such children should be taken. what is your opinion?

Written by Adnan Majeed

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