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A fake Peer Killed 20 people, A violent Incident in Sargodha

A terrible incident happened on Saturday midnight in Sargodha district at shrine of Mohammad Ali Gujjar in Chak 95.

A custodian of the Shrine Abdul Waheed, 50 killed 20 people in which 6 people of the same family. News was heard that he killed people while he was drunk. In those killings 4 women also died.

Sargodha Deputy commissioner Liaqat Ali chatta told about Abdul Waheed that her was an employer at Election Commision.

when the incident happened only three people succeeded to run away from fake Peer Abdul Waheed and they were in a bad condition when they reached District Hospital sargodha.

An Injured woman told the authorities after which the suspect was arrested.


Doctors treated the victims and found that they had marks on the leg and back, they said that they were treated in intoxicated condition, which is a very serious matter.

The Police started to identify the people those who were killed in the incident and they succeeded in identifying 17 people from the dead from which 2 belonged to Islamabad, one from Mianwali some of them were from sargodha and 2 were from Layyah.

The SHO told that Fake peer tortured the people after getting them naked.

A senior official said that Shehbaz Sharif has asked for the police report in 24 hours.

The mass killing is rare in at the shrines. The people come to the shrines for prayers.

It is rather sad to hear about such news. people go to the shrines to connect themselves to almighty Allah and to get answered for their prayers. In Islam Killing one human being is the murder of the whole humanity.

Written by Adnan Majeed

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