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Sahir Lodhi’s Latest movie Raasta Trailer Fails to Impress

Sahir Lodhi's Latest movie Raasta Trailer Fails to Impress

Would you like Sahir lodhi playing a role in a movie? Have you been waiting for this time for so long? now the time has come for Sahir lodhi to release his movie. he has been a radio personality for a long period of time, he did morning shows too and now he is about to make a turn into the movies.

The question arises, is Sahir lodhi going to make it jut like other actors did? Fahad mustafa has been in movies and he his efforts worked. What do you think about Sahir Lodh?

In the movie Aijaz Aslam plays a role of a Police officer named as Sultan, Sahir lodhi is playing as his elder brother who is married to sana. samir fails to get a job for himself, he tries many times but fails due to his qualifications.

In the movie the talented actors Shamoon Abbasi and Naveed Raza are seen to be smugglers and involved in the hideous crime of human trafficking. Sultan, is a righteous police officer, he tries to take them down by trying hard enough. but one of Shamoon’s man shoots him as a result of which Samir comes across Naveed. Sahir becomes notorious while he tries to take them down with his brother.

The trailer of the movie Raasta is here:

Raasta is a does not seems to attract the audience. It does not have a good script, music and even performances are not that much attractive, it looks like a waste of time. Sahir lodhi does not seem to be good at this movie, he does not seems to be a big Screen material. Even Aijaz tried well to perform but it did not work.

every scene seems to be just like some old fashioned movie scenes. Naveed looks like full of hate but his body language does not resemble if he is perfect for his act. Shamoon abbasi has done a great job in Past but he also seems to be failing.

In the movie it full of Sahir lodhi’s narration, after every 15 minutes. in the movie sahir lodhi is present in every scene. His voice is narrating the whole movie, the movies has narration of only Sahir Lodhi behind the scene.


After watching the trailer the movie does not looks attractive and interesting but a waste of time. it feels like watching movies of the time when Amitabh Bachchan, sunny deol, Jacky shroff use to do movies as heroes.

Give your comments and tell us what did you felt?

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