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Imran Khan accused Zardari and Nawaz Sharif for having a secret deal

Imran Khan accused Zardari and Nawaz Sharif for having a secret deal

Do you think that Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are pretending to play a game infront of the people? Zaradri and Nawaz Sharif has been playing friendly till the time came when both started to point fingers at each other. the high court granted bail to PP leader in Sindh on Wednesday. PTi chairman imran khan accused Zardari and nawaz Sharif, he said that both are involved in striking a deal in helping each other in corruption. Imran khan warned the government for targeting PTI with cybercrime issue in the earlier news.

Imran Khan was talking to the press conference outside the Bani Gala residence, he said ‘I have no doubt that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, afraid of the panama Case is involved ina deal with Asif Zardari ‘.

Imran Khan said that Under the deal Zardari and Sharjeel Memon has returned to Pakistan, due to this which model Ayyan, Dr Asim hussain, Hamid Saeed kazmi are released from the jail, while the cases were still pending against them.

Imran khan said that their politics has been under some “muk muka”. but this is the time when they can no longer make Pakistanis Fool. the PTI chief has said that he held the conference after sindh High court granted bail to Dr Asim, he was involved in the corruption of Multi-billions Rupees.

he meant by the conference which was held on September 12, 2016. Imran Khan recalled that press conference.

During the conference Nisar told that Zardari had offered some favour to PML-N in return of bail of Dr Asim and supermodel Ayyan Ali. Iran khan said that Pakistani people will see again the replay of those elections in which a game was played by the corrupt PML-N and PPP in 2013 elections.

every one knows that PML-N stand with PPP and they made corruption of millions and then when the time came for new elections PML-N pretended to be an opposition against PPP. And now the same situation is seen again.

But after PML-n won the election Nawaz forgot Zardai’s corruption iof Rs $60 million and they started to play friendly again. both joined hands in 2014 for saving democracy. both joined hands again when Imran khan demanded for helding investigation of the elections. The election was managed by the ROs [returning officers], there was a massive rigging in the polls.

Imran Khan exactly meant by this.

PTI chief said that corrupt prime minister is keeping on destroying the country in order to save his corruption. This deal can not be in the favour of Pakistan. It will not be a cause of good democracy for the country.

Both are involved in money laundering.


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