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ICC champion now in Karachi At Abdul Sattar Edhi’s Home

ICC champion now in Karachi At Abdul Sattar Edhi's Home

The ICC Champions Trophy tour was launched in Dubai, Just after a month the trophy arrived at the Edhi home on thursday, in Karachi.

Shahid Afrid, Former Pakistan Cricket Captain attended the launch ceremony in Dubai was also present at in Dubai, he also went to edhi’s home to honour Abdul Sattar Edhi for his services for Poor people.

It included Abdul Sattar Edhi’s wife bilquis Edhi and his son Faisal Edhi at the occasion.

Shahid afridi went at the occasion with the officials of PCB and ICC when it (Trophy) was presented before the media.

Shahid afridi spoke at the occasion, he praised and said that his mission should continue. n our country everyone loved e great man for what he did for us, in the end he just gave his eyes to the needy. He was a man of honor. He can never be forgotten.

Afridi added that,”Edhi served humanity and it feels good to be here”.

Some reporters asked him about the Pakistan India cricket to which afridi told that if this series takes place then he will definitely go to watch it. recently it was heard that Board of Control of Cricket in India had Approached the Indian Government for seeking permission for the series.

Shahid Afridi said that matches between Pakistan are very tense every time, the team which is able to control the pressure will be the one to win.

He said that International Cricket will return in Pakistan but it will take some time.

He said that the relation between PCB and ICC are very important.

The global tour was launched in the backyard of ICC headquarters, in february at ICC Academy.

The trophy has visited the some Indian cities like bengaluru, dehi and Mumbai in March. It has also been presented in Dhaka and Colombo.

It is the schedule for the remainder of that Global tour.

  1. 4-12 April 2017, Durban, Cape town, Johannesburg
  2. 15-18 April 2017, Auckland
  3. 19-27 April 2017 Melbourne and Sydney
  4. 2 May onward in United Kingdom

Shahid afridi shared a post on twitter.


Written by Adnan Majeed

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