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Whatsapp feature becomes a problem for governments world wide

The issue of privacy versus national security is increasing after a deadly attack in London’s Westminster.

The outlets by British media has reported that Khalid Masood was the attacker, he killed four men and he was involved in using popular messaging service whattsapp at the time when he started his attack.

The authorities are trying to get all the messages that were sent by Khalid Masood through whatsapp. To know about his motives and possible accomplices in an investigation, but this is not easy for them to get.

Facebook has owned whatsapp and added a feature in April last year, through which every call, message , photo, video and file can be encrypted through the app. It means that it is not clear to those who receives them. Even it is not possible for the hackers to access the information.

This feature makes an easy way for the terrorists and extremists to communicate with each other with any risk of being captured by the law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Amber Rudd, Home secretary, after the attack issued a statement in a press conference highlighting the importance of security laps created by such Services.

She said that,”You cannot have a situation terrorists talking to each other, where that terrorist sent the whatssapp message and it can not be accessed”.

She also said that they need to make sure that the companies who provide services are not providing a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other.

United states of America also faced the same situation last year after the deadly San bernardino shooting tht has claimed 14 lives. Authorities were fighting a legal battle against Apple to unlock iPhone Smartphone of the shooters.

The smartphone was unlocked by the FBi through some third party while Apple refused to create a software that will unlock all iPhone Smartphones.

these kind of features are made to stay away from hackers and are widely used by the tech firms.

The proposal to create backdoor access for authorities that can use it in such situations has faced the criticism from the tech sector who believes in their arguments that it will create an access to government agencies of communication and also for the cybercriminals.

The proposal for creating backdoor access for authorities that can be used is such situations has faced strong criticism for the tech sector who argue that such backdoor access not only open communications data to government agencies, but cybercriminals too.











Written by Adnan Majeed

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