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Punjab University: Woman wins her 17 years battle of being innocent

BBC reported on Tuesday that a woman who is currently living in Canada has won her battle against Punjab University, she has won her 17 years of legal battle.

The judgement authority of Lahore High court has ordered the university to pay Rs 800,000 to the woman for damaging her reputation, the woman, Wajiha Arooj is now 38 years old woman whose reputation was ruined by the university.

She tried her best to take action against the university two decades ago when a mistake put her in trouble, and her reputation was damaged.

During the time when she was a student in the Punjab University and Arooj was studying her Master’s degree in English, she was marked absent from the exam and was also told that she has failed in it.

One of the officials of the university told her father that, he was unaware of his daughter’s activities within the university campus and inside her home, which means he followed the error. It was an error that led her reputation ruined, he [official] himself seems to be unaware of her.

Arooj was speaking to the BBC and told hat, “even my mother looked at me with doubt in her eyes in a strange way”.

Arooj told that her parents refused her from taking evening classes and also told that it was difficult for her to face her friends when they taunt her.

Arooj said that, her class fellows use to say that one can go anywhere on the pretext of taking exams, they said mockingly making sure that she could hear everything.

She told that at one point she decided to commit suicide because she was so stressed.

Arooj told that her family was afraid of the incident for her reputation, her family had married her off and she then moved to Canada. She wanted to complete her education for starting career for herself but unfortunately her dream never became true. She kept on challenging the case many times against the university in the Lahore High Court.

Punjab university still holds the right to challenge the decision of court.

Khurrum shehzad was speaking to BBC, being a university spokesman he said that it was an old case, the administration of university would take a look at court’s detailed verdict.

The spokesman said that ,”if the student is innocent then we will comply with the orders of the curt. and if they feels that university was right then we will contest the orders on the next legal platform which will be available”.

Similarly few months ago a Karachi professor also uploaded pude photo of a girl. We should be aware of our duties and people whom we meet specially girls because some bad people are out there to blame on girls for any single chance.

Written by Adnan Majeed

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