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China Top power sector boss tells that china is not interested in making Profits

Xinhua Agency of china reported on Tuesday that, Top power sector boss of China told that China is nor is interested in making huge profits but interested in development.

Wang binghua is the chairman of China power international, he is also a major stakeholder in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). While talking to a news agency he said that,”We have come to Pakistan for improving the quality of development of local highend manufacturing industries for making developmen more sustainable, we have come to Pakistan not for gaining huge profits”. He said that they have come to Pakistan to group more local communities into the project.

He said this when he was speaking to the hub, balochistan during a ceremony of coal fired power plant, It is one of the project under CPEC. MR. binghua’s company is constructing and investing in $2 billion project with Hub power Company Ltd. of Pakistan, the plant will be operating in 2019.

He also told that he will give jobs to graduates of Pakistan, the employments will increase. He also added that if they will leave one company then they will get a job in another company, he sad that he wants to make Pakistan industry more sustainable.

He said that the Power Plant will generate about 9 billion kWh of electricity every year. 10,000 jobs for locals will be here, and the power plant will be operating in 2019.

The power plant will help the people and government and the economic position of the country will also improve.

Mr. Banghua promised that electricity will be very cheap for the people about 4 million people will benefit from it, when it will start running. No country can rely on the single power plant so he said that there will be more power plants for producing the energy, in which coal, gas, solar plants along with wind and bio-energy are included in it.


He said that his company is focusing on the five areas of the hub, safety, environment-friendly standard, economy and adjustability and reliability of operation. all the equipment is a top class for what they are providing to Pakistan.


According to the news that a cement factory is also utilized to recycle the wasted dust that comes from the power plant. He said that the plant is for public of Pakistan and they could experience a friendly environment.

Jack Ma, the chairman of Alibaba group was also interested in investing in Pakistan.

Written by Adnan Majeed

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