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Natasha Khalid secret of Transformation leaves inspired

Natasha khalid is well known for her work in Fashion industry of Pakistan. She has just got married and the news made a serious headlines. She is a multi-awarded, for her hairs style and hair artists. She runs Natasha Salon which is a household name in the country for her career and effective work.

Natsaha had a problem for being numbered in those women having lots of weight. She has worked to transform her body. She lost too much weight, and she by losing her weight she has a nice body transformation which means she has gone through a lots of hard work. Now Natasha is seen in her new look, some rumors said that she has lost her weight through weight loss surgery, and that was not the truth in case.



Had a goal in my mind with these girls and I’m so happy that I achieved it thanks to @fzm_boutique_fitness #fatimazaramallick @komalmmalik ❤️this is just the beginning , we have many more milestones to achieve ❤️?#Repost @repostapp ・・・ FZM Amazon @natashasalon Natasha Khalid looks stunning in Dubai. As a trainer, I’m so proud of her commitment, dedication and perseverance. It’s been a year since we started this journey together and results just keep getting better… Mind you…it’s not just the gruelling’s also nutrition. Natasha eats clean 99% of the time. She has been on this path for 5 years! Weight loss is a long journey full of bumps and hurdles. It does not happen in a month or even 6 months! It’s a lifestyle change…and the results are glorious #fzmboutiquefitness #trendsetter #natashasalon #perseverance #weightlossjourney #fzmamazon #natashakhalid

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On this issue she said in an interview that, She went through a bunch and it didn’t fit, In july she walked in FZM headquarters in 2016. She said that she is an intuitive person, she feels harmony with other people or not, she told that when she met with Fatima and Komal, her energy matched with them, that means she was incomplete harmony with them..

She told the story that the people whom she wants to talk should understand her, she said that she liked how she was accepted by them and they did she liked how they did, She said that slowly she went through bi kickass world of fitness, and told that they kept moving.


Natasha’s fitness was the result of her huge efforts in her training and it was her determination that that was the cause of her result which we saw in the form of a Queen.


Was tagged in this side by side picture of me and my Nano and got inspired to put my own version up ❤️my Nikah look was a tribute to her as since I can remember all I wanted was to be like her. Her strength, elegance , beauty and resilience have inspired me and countless others and shall do so till the end of time. We may try but none of us can ever even come close to who you were as a talent, legend and more importantly human being. I miss you everyday and I know you’re looking down upon us from the heavens smiling your beautiful smile❤️ till we meet again ❤️ #love #inspiration #honouryourpast #stepintothefuture #allheart #joy #natashakhalid to #natashalakhani #natashasalon #natashasalonloves #lafamilia #noonelikeher photography by my amazing brother @zillestudio_kukisphotography ❤️

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The biggest problem in our society is to observe others and look for weaknesses and points through which they can discredit their hard work and persistence.

The truth was that she worked hard in a natural way to came up to the surface but people assume to go through the short cuts.


Written by Adnan Majeed

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