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Interesting expensive marriage in Multan, 8 limousines used in marriage

Once again Multan Surprised the people, We are familiar with an expensive marriage in which the groom rode the Lion and the relatives were weighted in gold. but recently an other marriage took place in Multan just after few days of the earlier to be very expensive.

In this marriage 8 Limousines were used. After the lion’s ride now the trending news is about the ride of Limousine. A lot of money was spent on the marriage, Dollars were given away in the marriage. Dollars were thrown away into the public during the occasion leaving everyone surprised.


The Groom was wearing a turban which was made up of Pure Gold.


The families ride on 8 limousines.


The organizers tried to hire helicopter for the Procession but their Application was rejected, the 8 Limousines were hired from Islamabad and other different cities.


That looks very Insane to her about these kinds of marriages, but as a matter of fact there are dozens of cars in the procession. Invitation panaflexes  were thrown in to the whole city through helicopter. The panaflex contained the name (Naeem) of the groom.

The marriage was being conducted by the traders of Multan. The ceremony ends at 10 o’clock at night but this time it was different, the event carried out late at night.

Written by Adnan Majeed

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