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7 highly Demanded Creative Jobs in Pakistan

The creativity is one of the biggest power in a human being. The imagination is the mental faculty that takes man to the higher level. The imagination helped Edison Who created bulb, Henry Ford used creativity to create world’s first Engine. The creativity turned people to create buildings and huge machinery. burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building it was also the mentality of someone.


Some of the creative jobs are on the following.


  1. Photo Stylists

Photo stylists job is to guide the photographer how to create the right look and tone for photo shoot. The sets are dressed by the photo stylist and for editorial spread he is relied upon to craft the scene. He is involved in the proper angles and does making sure the right accessories are being employed. This entire process goes through a layer of creativity, the set is managed in the way where it meets with photographer’s ideas of photo shoot.

2. Writer

A few of the professions are known to be the part of creativity other than writer, in which the person decides to be an author or a journalist. In this job the writer needs skills to tell a story, it seems a story telling skills are required. It needs ideas to narrate the story that is being written by the writer or on the other hand a journalist to tell the whole story of any specific topic or incident.

3. Florist

The florist is the one who decorates flowers. It a type of job where no degree is needed but it needs skills to cut and arrange flowers for the customers. Florist makes the the arrangements of flowers in the large events, just like some parties or events and marriages need the arrangements for setting flowers. A florist helps in selecting flowers for better option.

4. Application Designer

In this age of Mobile internet there is a high demand for the creative and effective Application designers or app designer. An App designer creates designs for Applications and Softwares and later applies them on it. For a specific group of users need special designs for their work or company.A designer helps in developing specific design for the softwares. For this job bechelor’s degree in Computer Science is required.

5. Event Planner

An event planner is one of the person who organizes events like marriages and parties. He is likely to be involved in organizing events and functions. The event planner has the duty to fulfill the needs and wants of the customers. he is involved in the selection of place for the event, designs , plans and production of the event from start to end. He also ensures all legal, insurance and health and safety requirements are compiled for the event.

6. Graphic Designer

Graphic designer is now days needed everywhere in IT companies and organizations. His duty is to create designs for magazines, websites, advertisements and even games by using softwares and also by hand through his creativity. They usually meet with clients or art directors to create the required design for them, design should depict and device strategies for reaching their target audience. The designer captures the imagination of the customer through his ideas and inspires him.


7. Interior Decorator

Interior decoration has become the need for now a days. interior Designers do not need any training for their decoration in their career. Interior Designer needs a bachelor’s degree while interior decorator’s job is entirely different. The Decorator works with all businessmen and individuals For Furnishing spaces and determining the styling. The decorator decorates homes, offices with fabrics, furniture, lightening fixtures and color schemes.



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Written by Adnan Majeed

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