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Denmark banned Visa for Relatives of Pakistani Residents

Trump banned from taking electronic devices to US. The ban was only for Muslim countries, some of the countries can be banned still. Just after trump hold the authority of President of United States he started to impose bans on many issues.

It feels to be living in the year of bans. It may be on Pakistani celebrities getting banned to work in Bollywood movies. It may be ban from Trump from using Social media Risking your life getting prohibited in the nation.

The trending news is that we are familiar with Denmark, where many people live that went to Denmark from Pakistan. Now the news has broke about the ban on Pakistan, that no visit Visa will be provided to the relatives of those living in Denmark.

If you are studying or Working in Denmark, how it feels if your parents are not allowed to visit you, to meet you. It seems bad to hear about. the fact is that the hate for Muslims is increasing every day.

Pakistan is in the 5th list of ban. which further includes three counties. Somalia, Syria and Iran are already in the list now Pakistan is the one to be in the List.

Written by Adnan Majeed

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