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Boxer Amir Khan Told Why He Cut of ties From his Own Family

We all know very much about how Amir Khan lost his match from Saul ‘Canezo’ alvarez, Canezo beat him down ruthlessly that we can not forget those moments. But despite of all his fame and achievements it is shocking to think about Amir having issues in his own family.

His uncle Taz and his father Shah, including his friend Saj Mohammad, have been supporting him every time. During his training they have been with him. As a matter of fact Amir has been having some feud which left a bad taste in the boxer’s mouth, and some financial revelations Amir Khan has come up with a decision to part from them. Even his father is in the list from whom he want to part. He is working for his next match aganst Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao for a megafight,but he is now missing in his old training sessions.

Amir Khan said that one part of his life has came to an end but he is focusing on making the new part. he is preparing for a big fight. He said that he lost but he is not giving up, he turned 30 but he has still some good time left to enjoy. he said that his old team will think that Amir did wrong but now he is going to prove them all wrong, and he also said that he said that, “i could be my time to shine”.

Amir Khan has no plans to settle down all the matter, he is not interested in burying the hatchet. He said that when you start to make big money than people around you should have been looking out for your interests but it didn’t seem likw this way. He also said that if you are making big money just keep spending it, when someone makes millions they forget little things and add up, man.

according to khan, he told that he gave everything to family to handle and he himself kept on focusing on the boxing but he said that his financial advisers ripped him off, he said that he was young that he also said that he relied on his team and it ripped him off but now he has changed and also told that if you will just listen to him you will start crying.

Hesaid that when you have money people will like you but after when you don’t have money everyone will leave you but he said that he saw the true colours when he lost and everyone thought he is done.

He told his story that he was concentrating on his boxing, the money was coming to him but what happened that everyone became nice to him, alas! he said that he has been on phone all the time because he needed a cooker fixed and he did not knew what to do. He was to do with the payments but he never paid a bank payment. He said that he was bringing money to make everything right,in the age of 21 and 22 he was sure to make everything right.

He recalled that once he got a bill for a server in the office so he realized that he did not even know about the server because he was a fighter, he used to be in his training in the ring and in the gym. he said that his gym was his office.

Amir Khan is very proud to be a great son and great brother because he has been caring to his family but now whtever he is going to do is doing for himself. He will not rest and he will win. i hope he will win.

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Written by Adnan Majeed

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