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Top 10 Cars With less then 10 lac Rs. Of Price in Pakistan

The population of Pakistan involves middle class people in majority. everyone has a wish to buy a car for himself or herself, but the need of money is at the top to buy a car. What if a you come across an opportunity to buy with not very high price and easy to be afford? definitely it will be an exciting news to hear about that. The majority of people are middle class and they can afford a car which is less than 10 lac. This is not very expensive, the manufactures are working on the idea to provide such cars that are not very costly.

If you want to purchase a car for you but you are not confirmed with the price, here are the 5 cars in the list with less than 10 lac of price.

  1. Suzuki Mehran


  1. Mehran VX (Price: Rs. 625,000)
  2. Mehran VX CNG (Prince: Rs. 695,000)
  3. Mehran VXR (Price: Rs. 678,000)
  4. Mehran VXR CNG (Price: Rs. 748,000)

This car is no one in the list with a large amount of usage.about majority of people use Mehran, because of its cost effectiveness. It is also cost effective in terms of fuel consumption and you can find its spare parts with no difficulty. It is the highest selling car in our country. Its design is so simple, with mileage of 18 KM for travelling on the highways and 16 Km for cities. It will also be better for resale for the owner. it was modified with sun roof in addition. This is now available in markets with engine of 796cc OHC. The prices are on the following.

2. Hyundai Santro 


This car is having a luxurious interior.It has a metallic in the exterior, and it is easily available in car markets with the price of Rs. 675,000. It is the best choice for you if you are looking for a better car for you at low price. It has the mileage of 10-12 Km per liter. The Santro Xing was added the safety features including crumple zones and child locks, which were not present in the previous version.

3. Suzuki Alto


We should also know about Suzuki Alto 660 cc, People are very interested to have this car in their garages 2015, This model adds to the comfort of the customers. This car costs of Rs. 700,000 if you are looking to buy its 2016 model.

4. Daihatsu Cuore


This car gives you an excellent performance in terms of mileage. This car is imported from Japan a company known as Toyta Indus motors Company (Ltd). The 2016 model contains 660cc engine, and the car’s Price is Rs. 800,000-1,000,000.

5. Suzuki Cultus


This car is one of the best choice for the family use. This car exceeds 10 lacs in price. this car is more reliable and very luxurious in the interior, it contains with manual transmission, which can also be changed to automatic. Suzuki Cultus Euro 2016 is present with a price of Rs. 1,034,000 and its CNG model costs about Rs. 1,109,000.

So which car do you like to get this year…?? give your comments.

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