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Who will be the Winner of Panama Case?

We have been hearing about the Panama Case for a long period since it has become the eye catching and trending news for now a days on social Media and on TV channels. It is Question about who will be the winner of this case and whose career in Politics will stay and whose will come to an end. We can not predict anything on Pakistan’s Politics because anything can happen anytime. Our political establishment is such that its dealings are done under-the-cover, and those dealings are opaque.

This case will not cause earth shattering and decisiveness. These cases are handled with care. These cases need neutral and vague decision that allows both sides to save face, declare victory and get back to the politics as usual.

Since Nawaz sharif is not directly involved in the case, so any decision can be made that may remove him from the Post of Prime Minister, and that will be the cause of a major impact on  his politics. Due to high stakes, judges may extend the punishment level to the Children of Nawaz Sharif for negligence and malpractice. There are other possibilities too.

PTI army will go on overdrive if any decision will be taken against any member of nawaz Sharif Family and it will be the big victory of Imran Khan. The PTI will stand again in position for the next elections in strong pose, The most important of those is to stay strong in K-P in 2018 elections.

PML-N camp will be considered jubilant even in case if Prime Ministers Daughter is Reprimanded by the Courts. Nawaz Sharif will end up, If its entire financial History is put in the public in courts. For Khan it will be better chance to make him strong in the next elections.

Maryam Nawaz will be winner if the court gives her clean chit. If court reprimands her, She may start as a political leader.

The decisions on the case of Panama Leaks is going to have clear winners and will be the cause of status quo. Every game in Politics is played for long terms, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) is defending right now, so Pm has many things to lose and Imran Khan is waiting for his efforts to fulfill what he is after.

PM may lose everything due to scandals after scandals about him, If Nawaz Sharif gets out clean then he will be the winner, Imran is wel known of the fact that he can not defeat him i free and fair elections in 2018 so he is trying his best to take down the Boss. He is trying to lock P in controversies to get himself near to his goal.

Imran khan has been struggling for a long period of time, but its not going to work if he stays to defeat the Pm in the elections s if he Kills the head then the body itself will die itself, Khan is working on this strategy. lets see what happens next.








Written by Adnan Majeed

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