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Hadika kiani’s New upcoming Album

Hadika kiani is about to release her new album titled as ‘WAJD’ Volume 1. The compilation of the album is still being mastered, mixed , produced and recorded by music producer and hadika’s  brother Irfan kiani and collaborator.

More about, WAJD – volume 1 willl include 8 tracks, which will be recorded as in ure organic form in the lie studio formatting. The album will be like encapturing the individuality of each musician and their instrument. Without the digital impact, the whole album will be having a pure touch of music, they are going to make simple, organic and more majestic resonance, so hadika and her brother celebrate the raw music imperfections.


Hadika siad that, “WAJD aims to explore the lost traditions, its journey is not only for an audio album, it highlights the freedom of ownership of the eastern folk traditon, The album is free from superficial and over-processing of digital recording systems and it is a simple which involves simple individuality of each artist and its instruments”.

The very talented singer Hadika will be seen in singing in 6 different languages of the region, which include Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Balochi, Pushto and even Urdu. She will be seen as a guitarist in the featuring, she will be playing the Balochi damboor for the first time ever.


Irfan Kiani said that.”It has been an honour to be working with Pakistan’s Most talented and best artists to bring the journey to life, to transfer it into reality,and looking farward as an artist myself as each song when evolves.”.

The Allbum WAJD has been, visualized, and directed by Abdullah Haris, he was behind the ideas of all these, it has been done in a  single day shot, all were done as naturally captured. First cahpter is releasing on March 27, and the released on PATARI.



Written by Adnan Majeed

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