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Hamza Ali Abbasi Shoocking Photo in Gym

Hamza Ali Abbasi the man who is always passionate abut his work. He has been in people’s mind since he did his best drama Pyare Afzal. He has been on TV and social media in the form of Pyare Afzal or debating in Bol news show. He has grabbed the attention of the nation. He is also a hard working man who never give up and take life in their hands.

He is working hard in Gym for the remaking of Moula Jutt, its Bilal Lashari’s project and Hamza have been working in the gym for making himself perfect for the act. This time we can see him in Gym, doing workout. This photo makes our heart pumping faster.

Here is the drooling workout Photo of Hamza Ali abbasi:



You may take a look at his Biceps and Shoulders. He is making the new avatar soon.

Moula Jutt will be released soon and this film casts Hamza as a Villain as ‘Noori nath’. He is going to be against Fawad khan who will play the role of ‘Moula Jutt’. In the movie Humaima Malik and Mahira Khan are also the leading actresses in the movie.



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