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Facebook bans in Pakistan for not Blocking Insolent Pages

Facebook have been very famous for its successful system. Facebook have also the largest traffic being a social media. many people have started jobs on Facebook. it has become so famous that now a days from young children old people use Facebook.

But now a days there are seen some pages that spread violence against the religions. Pakistan reported against those pages but unfortunately it did not happened to be closed. Now In Islamabad High Court an Application has been submitted to ban Facebook for not blocking the pages.

Islam is a peaceful religion, it never dishonored the other religions but some Rubbish people have been involved in that act they started to do insolence posts on the page at which all Muslims reported against it. Since there are a large number of Facebook users in Pakistan but looks Mark has no interest in his users and he did not took any step to stop such Rubbish.

Now In High court of Islamabad the application have been submitted to ban Facebook in Pakistan. May Muslims be successful in their goal. Ameen

Written by Adnan Majeed

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