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Fahad Mustafa and Faisal Qureshi looks twins in a Photo


Sometimes it is very awful to see anyone wearing the exact outfits on any occasion when we are dressed well. Sometimes it gives us goosebumps and awful feeling while its also very surprising. If someone is very famous and and found matched with any  other celebrity then that feeling really matters and that is a very interesting fact.

Faisal Quraishi and Fahad Mustafa were found to be weaing exactly the same outfits, Faisal Quraishi is one of the great actors and and the very famous host of ‘Jeeto Pakistan’  Fahad Mustafa are both very friendly with each other, it was observed that Faisal uploaded a photo on his instagram profile, where he was captioning with Fahad as Brothers, and both have been wearing the same looking Black cotton Shirts and Glasses. and both looked amazing.

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It is very exciting to see them together this way, while some people felt it was intentional, and there is the evidence that both are having a good friendship not only in front of the camera but also off the camera. they might have been together many times. since Fahad is a very friendly guy and always seen to be in a good mood every time on the camera, we can also observe that he is having good relationships with whom so ever he comes in contact with.


what do you think about this?


it seems that it not the first time they both are dressed alike.

however, a good attitude is a key to success may be his key to success was not only the acting but the good attitude he have. Earl nightingale (an American radio personality, writer, speaker, and author), said that every men is important, and we need to smile more, talk to people more.

I think that Fahad is one of those people who have many friends all over the world.

Written by Adnan Majeed

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