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LG Launching G6 Now in Pakistan

LG is going to launch its G6 mobile on 10 March 2017. As the news was heard about LG launching G6 in Pakistan. It has been confirmed that now LG will dispatch its upcoming phone on March 10.

Samsung company is going to launch its new S8 cell phone on 21 April 2017. LG has an opportunity every time to get benefits . It has been heard that for the first time LG is launching its cell phone before Samsung. Lets see which one gets more popularity.

Another fact is that LG mobile will be launching G6 of two types. One will be having the RAM of 4GB and the other one with 6 GB. It will be two kinds of choices for its fans. Even it may be in different colors. In its features it has snapdragon 835 processor. It has a long life battery, with 8 megapixel front camera. With its battery it will be easy to take photos.The battery for the G6 is better to stand for long hours.


  1. 4GB or 6GB RAM
  2. Inside Capacity of 128GB or 64GB
  3. 4000 mAH
  4. A unique Mark Sensor
  5. Qualcomm snapdragon 835 Processor
  6. An android Nougat
  7. It has Double back Camera of 16 megapixels
  8. It has 8PM front camera along with LED Streak

An entry level smartphone LG X300 has been also in the report to be launched. With la mode body t is mid range cellphone. $215 is about its total cost. This cell phone contains 5-inch 720p show.It has 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB ROM. 1.4GHz quadcore CPU.

Written by Adnan Majeed

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